Gary Boyle Apr 16, 2017

Wall stickers are an easy and imaginative way to decorate a home or office space. Quick and easy to apply, the wall sticker is not permanent and will not leave marks on a wall. Despite their name, wall stickers will adhere to most flat and smooth dry surfaces. Given the temporary nature of wall stickers, different designs and aesthetics are constantly updated, allowing this art from to be an affordable home decoration alternative.

There are a number of different locations to purchase wall stickers. With fairly recent the introduction of ecommerce, perhaps the easiest location to find these products is online. Auction sites like eBay offer an abundance of different choices.

This guide offers practical advice on how to buy wall stickers.

Different Types of Wall Stickers

There are a variety of different wall stickers available on the market. Below is a list outlining some of the different types:

Blackboard wall Stickers

A blackboard wall sticker is designed to be written and re-written on by chalk. . To use as a blackboard, it is also required to have chalk. Chalkcan be washed off the sticker using warm water and a cloth. This is an excellent idea for children’s playrooms or in the kitchen. Blackboard wall stickers are both decorative, as well as changeable and practical

Wall murals or scenes

Wall murals are a larger version of wall stickers and depict a scene or environment. It is also possible to purchase wall murals that are stuck to the surface using a paste similar to wallpaper.

Personalised or Bespoke Wall Stickers

Some suppliers will offer the opportunity to design bespoke wall stickers. It is also possible to request changes to current line of stock in colour and size. This could be a work logo or specific quote for a family home. The possibilities are endless.

Wall Stickers

Wall stickers that either create a small scene or spell out a word or sentence. Designed to be a feature in a room. Suitable for any environment.


What You Need to Know About Wall Stickers

What are they made of?

Wall stickers are made out of a low tack gloss or matt self-adhesive vinyl. This material as aforementioned is not only easy to apply to a smooth and flat surface, but it is also guaranteed not to affect or damage paint or wall paper. 

How Long Do They usually last?

You can expect to get around 5 years use from wall stickers. This can vary depending on location. If indoors and away from direct sunlight (and water), the sticker can last considerably longer.

How to Care for Wall Stickers

The most effective way of caring for wall stickers is by washing occasionally with a damp cloth. Do not use any chemicals. This will help to keep the stickers clean and clear of dust or dirt.

How To Apply The Wall Sticker

When a location has been identified and it comes time to applying wall stickers to a surface, the most important factor to take into consideration is preparing the wall. To do this, follow the outlined steps below:

· Prepare the area by washing and drying. Ensure that this removes all dust and dirt. It is advisable to use a wall cleaner to wash the walls.

· Measure and mark the area where the sticker will be placed. Be sure to check that the measurements are straight and accurate.

· Pull back one edge of the sticker and place on surface. Adjust accordingly.

· Gradually pull and apply the sticker to the area using a flat object, such as a ruler or credit card, so to eradicate any air pockets (bubbles).

Buying Considerations for Wall Stickers

As with most home decoration products, there are factors to take into consideration when it comes time to purchase. These considerations include:

Know exactly where the stickers are going: Undertake adequate planning before purchase, which includes identifying the location, checking its suitability, taking measurements, and having a clear design vision for the space.

What is the cost: Ultimately the cost of the product will be determined by the size and detail of the sticker. The larger the sticker, the more costly it is going to be. Be sure to take this into consideration when setting a budget.


Since wall sticker haver become popular choice for low budget wall decor, a wide range of choices, designs and aesthetics are now on the market. Wall stickers are the ultimate DIY project, as they are easy to assemble, prepare, and stick onto any flat or smooth surface. They are a cost effective way to make over any space or environment and with the extreme range of designs, there is an alternative to suit any personality or taste.

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